Why use a Rec 2 Rec?

Rec 2 Rec (Recruitment to Recruitment) is a sub-genre in an industry that gets a bit of a bashing and you can only truly understand it when you have lived and breathed it.

For recruiters who find themselves in the position of looking for a new job or a business that needs new recruiters it is often (wrongly) assumed that using a Rec 2 Rec is admitting defeat.

But using a Rec 2 Rec can be a very good path to victory…

Due to (hopefully) having good relationships with recruitment owners, often Rec 2 Rec’s know of an incoming need, well before it is advertised. Through taking the time to get to know a recruitment business a Rec 2 Rec is easily able to advise on a number of factors such as culture, career progression as well as actual average commission, not just a 6 figure number.

A good Rec 2 Rec will be your partner in the process, taking the time to understand your own needs and requirements, before even pitching you a specific role. Yes, this is a commercial business and recruiters make money off candidates; but the Rec 2 Rec who takes the time to understand how this job pieces together within your own life will often be the one you go back to also, the one who places you. It’s mutually beneficial.

You may be thinking, “But I’m a successful award winning agency why should I use a Rec 2 Rec when I am already a proven recruiter?”

Yes, that is a good point; however a Rec 2 Rec has already spent the time building a vast network of candidates, some active, and others who are giving a cursory glance to the market, the elusive “passive candidates”. The network doesn’t just stop there though, Rec 2 Rec’s will definitely have an eye on what competitors are up to and can be a valuable source of information on game changers in the industry for recruitment owners.

As all good recruitment owners know, recruiters exist to make their lives easier, to manage the process of recruitment and get good candidates, quickly. Why not take advantage of that? In the grand scheme of things, a well placed billing consultant, or that trainee with near limitless potential is easily worth the percentage fee.

There is more than one path to the same outcome, but this one has a hand rail and some anti slip mats.

If you like the sound of the Rec 2 Rec in this article, why not give me a call for a chat or an email if that is better for you.

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